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Mr.  William Inthisone
ທ່ານ ວິນລຽມ ອິນທິສອນ
Location: Brooklyn Park, Minnesota, USA .

William Inthisone

 Little thing about me:

Hello! Brothers, sisters and friends. I am William Inthisone. Before, my name was Williane Inthisone

 It has been more than 30 years that I left Lycee savanh in 1969.  It is already long way to go.  Now I have 4 children and 2 grand-daughters. Bobby is now 28, Sandy 27, Wendy 15 and Donald 14.  All of them were born in Minnesota USA, the land of 10 thousand lakes. Winter time is very cold. Spring and Summer are nice.  In my back yard I have a small garden where I planted onion,cucumber, hot pepper , egg plants.

 Fall(Autumn) is beautiful with yellowish and reddish leaves both on the trees and the ground. Every year, in the Fall I have to rake all the leaves from my yard and towed them away . It is a big job. But it is a good physical exercise for me and it is tired too.  Sometimes my children helped  me to do this job.

     I was introduced  to lyceesavanh website by my uncle, Keooudone Detvongsa.  He is the husband of Saykham Detvongsa, the eldest sister of my wife,  now we belong to the same family.   I was inspired to see lycee sanvanh members pictures, and even though I do not know all of them, because we were not in the same classes and the same years.  These pictures made my old memories come back again.  Each time I go to lyceesavanh.net, I felt like my teenage years in Savannakhet Lycee entertained me once again in my life. The only person that I know in this Website is Dr. Anothay Kongsayasack.  He was my

 best friend and one of the smart students from Thakek. We were in the same classes until the end of school year 1969.  Phaythoune and Bouthavy who now reside in Autralia are his brother and sister. I saw them long time ago.  I don't know if they still remember me.

 Thanks to all of you who are members of lyceesavanh website. Your pictures and activities in the website triggered me to be one of them.  I want  my friends who went to Lycee Savanh in the same years, same classes, especially the Lyceesavanh classes of 1965 to 1969  (pictures below), know where I am now, and I also want to know where they are.  They probably live in different corners of the world or some of them might have already passed away.Idon't know.  

Personally, I believe this means of communication is good. Whoever wants to contact me, my e-mail address is     Inthiw09@gmail.com .

William Inthisone's family, 2007

Mme Vatsana Inthisone (William's wife)

Nephew from Paris, Dier Inthisone, Donald and Wendy Inthisone

Donald in the home front yard(Winter 2009)

Spring 2009

Blossoming magnolia flowers in front of my house (Spring 2009)



Fall 2009 


William and daughter Wendy

William and Donald


William's daugther, Sandy and Granddaughter, Mela.


William and granddaughter Mela


William, Mela, Vatsana, Wendy, Saykham (Keo's wife), Donald and Keo Detvongsa,

on 2008 vacation in Chicago 

Inpeng Khanthieng and William Inthisone  at Bounpone's house in Elgin, Illinois, 2008



Lycee Savanh students posing with Mr. Douta, the physics teacher,in 1965


A picture of Lycee Savanh students and a teacher taken in 1965.


The Lycee Savanh students in 1965 are singing a song in one of the teachers house on New year's day.

Mr. Hongsa(deceased), a Lao litterature teacher, posing with Lycee Savanh students in 1968(dans la classe de seconde).





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