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Our Members

Big thanks to Houangkeo, from Paris, France,  to create this Excel file of all our names.  Houangkeo is really the key person to make our Lyceesavan website become real and he is our database person.  In this table.  If you need the completed list with addresses, emails  and everything of our friends or if you any mistake in your name, your address, please contact Houangkeo at:


Since we usually know and recognize each other by firstname, the list below is in alphabetical order by firstname.  If you find mistake, let Houangkeo knows right away.

Member # First name Last name Destination
1 Be Phouthavong  Mulhouse France
2 Bernadette Dr. Tchen Los Angeles, CA. USA
3 Boungning Onemany Sydney, Australia
4 Bounhieng Heuangsackda Paris France
5 Bounkhouang Khambounheung Vientiane, Laos
6 Bounleuth Khamphanh France
7 Bounxou  Jacque France
8 Catherine Lacroix Jonage.France
9 Chanthachone Niemthachith Forthword, TX. USA
10 Chanthala Phimphrachanh Cetas France
11 Chanthone Thoumaked Paris France
12 Chung Quang   Tran Paris France
13 Delphine Gervais Paris, France
14 Dinh Thin  Phan Paris, France
15 Douangdenh Xoueisomphong Sydney, Australia
16 Eliane Fernandez Paris, France
17 Houangkeo Houangkeo Paris France
18 Huong Nguyen thi thu Angleterre
19 Inpeng Khanthieng Iowa, USA
20 Inprasith Thathongsakd Vientiane, Laos
21 Intong Oudom Vientiane, Laos
22 Jacques Bounma Paris France
23 Jean Paul Cossart Versaille, France
24 Katkeo Sengsavanh Oregon, USA
25 Keo Vorasarn Paris France
26 Keomoukda Soumpholphakdy Louangphabang, Laos
27 KeoOudone  Detvongsa Minnesota, USA
28 Khambone Vorasane Sydney, Australia
29 Khampane Aphayavong France
30 Khamphanith Boutsabouabane Ontario, Canada
31 Khamphay Douangprachanh Sydney, Australia
32 Khamphick Phanouvong Paris France
33 Khampho Dr. Chaleunvong Pakse, Laos
34 Khamphou Thongseng nheaung Bondus, France
35 Khamsawa Saysouthinh Sydney, Australia
36 Khamsene ? Warsaw, Poland
37 Khamsone Arounlangsy Utah, USA
38 Khaothong Luangchandavong Vientiane, Laos
39 Kheuakham Panyasak France
40 Lakhonekham Phakaysone Sydney, Australia
41 Lam Ngeunh Phakaysone Vientiane, Laos
42 Lamphone Rasavong Eagan, MN. USA
43 Lan Marvin England
44 Lay Daoheuang Paris, France
45 Linh Patrick Nachamp Paris, France
46 Malaykeo Mai Paris, France
47 May Luangchandavong Vientiane, Laos
48 Michelle Boutin Paris, France
49 Mingmuong Outhoumphone Vientiane, Laos
50 Nataly Lithnari Siharath Marseille, France
51 Nhathaphone Dr. Homvannasy Lyon, France
52 Nouphanh Thongrasamy Paris, France
53 Ouneheuane Phimmasane California, USA
54 Pascale Casbi Paris, France
55 Dinh Thin Phan Paris, France
56 Phetsamone Saysithideth  Pakse, Laos
57 Phohay Ratsamy Forthworth, TX. USA
58 Phonesanith Chantharath Apple Valley, MN. USA
59 Phonesay Banchon Paris, France
60 Phosay Sackda Orleans, France
61 Phoulom Ratzrya Saint Marcellin, France
62 Phousomphet Visaysouk Illinois, USA
63 Phouvong Korasack   Vientiane, Laos
64 Quy Minh  Tran Paris, France
65 Ratmana Insisiengmay Paris, France
66 Ratmani Insisiengmay Australia
67 Van Sang Pham Lyon, France
68 Savanhvong (Albert) Khaosanga ?
69 Savath Sangiemvongsak Dijon, France
70 Sene  P Tchen USA
71 Sida Khamsomphou Paris, France
72 Sisanga Sychareun Rennes France
73 Sisouvanh  Sangbouaboulom Vientiane, Laos
74 Sithana Khounmouangsene Savannakhet, Laos
75 Sitthiphone Saysittideth Canberra, Australia
76 Somboune Vongsonephet Sydney, Australia
77 Somchith Kouanchao Eagan, MN. USA
78 Somphet Ngonavichit France
79 Somphong Sisavanh Sydney, Australia
80 Somprasit Luangkhot  France
81 Soulideth Soumpholphakdy Saravane, Laos
82 Tan Phat (Khampha)  Van Paris, France
83 Thi Quy  Dao  Paris, France
84 Thiep Samountry USA
85 Thongsouk Lissavalid France
86 Vanhkeo Rasbouth France
87 Vayaphat Thattamanivong Vientiane, Laos
88 Vienghe Thanavady Switzerland
89 Vilayhong Phrathep Laxou. France
90 Vongphet Dr. Luangxay Vientiane, Laos
91 Vongsamay Khenthalansy Paris, France
92 William  Inthisone Brooklyn Park, MN. USA
93 Yao Vasanh  Chanthavong Paris, France
94 Yen Touysinhthiphonexay Colorado, USA


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