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Our friends in USA

From left to right: Che and wife, Soukan and wife, Keo Detvongsa and wife at Che's home in Demoine, USA. Oct 12, 2007

From left to right: Pengthong, Soukanh Chanthaphone's wife, Pheng Khanthieng, Inpeng's wife, Saykham Detvongsa, Keo's wife, Kellie, Keo's daughter in law (bride), Saykeo Detvongsa (groom), Keo's son, Keo Detvongsa, Inpeng and Soukanh. (At Saykeo and Kelllie's wedding, on Sat, Sept. 8, 2007, Brookyn Park, Minnesota, USA). To see more of Keo Detvongsa's son wedding, visit his family website at www.detvongsa.com

Keo Detvongsa, uncle Phanh Aryavong and aunt Chanthi, Kham and husband Pone Phorasvong, China Town, Chicago, USA, (September 16,2007)

Keo Detvongsa, Phousomphet and her husbanh Somlith Visaysouk

Phousomphet Visaysouk and group

Phousomhet and husband Mr. Somlith Visaysouk


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