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Dec-29-2009 News. 
Khamphay and Phetsamone attended the wedding on the Christmas night.
The wedding is between Viengsanith and Etienne, took place at their own residence in Vientiane

More in the next page. . . By Khamphay.

Dec-28-2009 News. 
The wedding reception between Souksanthi Keola [Tee] and Chanthila Souidaray [NouNou] in Vientiane, Laos on Dec-24-2009.

More in the next page. . . By Khamphay.

Dec-27-2009 News. 
Traditional wedding ceremony at home between Souksanthi Keola [Tee] and Chanthila Souidaray [NouNou] in Vientiane, Laos on Dec-24-2009.

More in the next page. . . By Khamphay.

Dec-26-2009 News. 
Merry Christmas 2009 and Happy New Year 2010 to all Lyceesavanh friends and alumni and their families worldwide.

See more inside story. . . By Lyceesavanh co-founders.

Dec-25-2009 News. 
Merry Christmas and happy new year 2010 to all.

See more inside story. . . By Khamphay

Dec-24-2009 News. 
William's family, the winter Dec-24-2009 in Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA

More in the next page. . . By William Inthisone

Dec-16-2009 News. 
William's family in the city of Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA

More in the next page. . . By William Inthisone

Dec-15-2009 News. 
William's family, the summer in Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA

More in the next page. . . By William Inthisone

Dec-14-2009 News. 
William's family, the winter in Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA

More in the next page. . . By William Inthisone

Dec-13-2009 News. 
William family in the City of Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA

More in the next page. . . By William Inthisone

Dec-12-2009 News. 
Special thanks to.......

Please read the letter on next page. . . By KeoOudone

Dec-11-2009 News. 
Lao traditional menu. (more dishes)

Please read the inside story. . . By Khamphay

Dec-10-2009 News. 
Savannakhet grows the most beautiful roses with multiful texture and colorful.

More inside story. . . by Khamphay

Dec-06-2009 News. 
The tradtional ceremony and engagement of Somprasong's daughter at Savannakhet.

See inside story. . . by Khamphay

Dec-05-2009 News. 
On behalf of all Lycee de Savannakhet former students and alumni, we would like to express our deepest sympathies to family of Quang,
during the time of loss and the difficult moment. May Quang�s young brother rest peacefully in Heaven!. The funeral took place in Savannakhet.

By LyceeSavanh.net (connection by Khamphay)

Dec-02-2009 News. 
Dok Bouathong is also the national flower of Laos with the nice tacky ambience colors.

See inside story .  .    By Khamphay

Dec-01-2009 News. 
That Inghang 2009 festival at night.

Please check inside story .  .    By Khamphay

Nov-30-2009 News. 
The Lao traditional wedding ceremony and the wedding reception of Meme Insyxiengmay and Jeffrey Scott Lee took place in Linda Vista, San Diego, California.

See inside story .  .    By Ouneheuane

Nov-29-2009 News. 
Thanksgiving dinner of 2009 at Arizona.

See inside detail in the next page .  .    By Sisouk Phrasavath

Nov-28-2009 News. 
First day That Ing Hang festival.

See more covered detail.  .  .    By Khamphay

Nov-27-2009 News. 
Wat ParBo is located at north of Savannakhet.

See more detail.  .  .    By Khamphay

Nov-26-2009 News. 
Introduce the home made Salapao at Ban Sounantha, Savannakhet.

See the inside story.  .  .    By Khamphay

Nov-25-2009 News. 
Dok Champa is the national flower of Laos.

Inside story of the Dok Champa collection . . . By Khamphay

Nov-24-2009 News. 
The beauty of tropical fruits and flowers from our motherland.

The complete detail on next page. . . By Khamphay

Nov-23-2009 News. 
Kong Bounh ceremony at Khaothong's house, Savannakhet, Laos.

Please see the inside story. . . By Khamphay

Nov-22-2009 News. 
The Vietnamese Buddhist temple

See the inside story. . . By Khamphay

Nov-20-2009 News. 
We will bring you to tour Mukdahan city.

Please check inside story . . .   By Khamphay 

Nov-19-2009 News. 
The wedding reception of Vilith's niece, Vilith was a former lyceesavanh student,

The complete detail on next page . . .   By Khamphay

Nov-18-2009 News. 
The engagement ceremony of Phetsavanh, daughter of Dr. Nhathaphone on Nov-15-2009

Please check the inside story from Laos. . .   By Sisouvan Sangbouaboulom

Nov-17-2009 News. 
Wat Nake is located at north of Savannakhet

See inside story . . .   By Khamphay

Nov-16-2009 News. 
Happy 54th Birthday to Khamphay.
May the best of your wishes be the least of what you get,
Wishing you the happiest of birthday.
(4 days early Birthday Party had been done on the night of Nov-14-2009)

Nov-15-2009 News. 
Ton Manikhot at South of Laos (KhonePhaPheng)

More details . . .   By KeoOudone

Nov-14-2009 News. 
The traditional wedding ceremony was at home, in Linda Vista, San Diego, California,

By Ouneheuane Phimmasane

Nov-13-2009 News. 
Wat Rattanarangsy is discovered by Khamphay . . .

Please see more details . . .

Nov-12-2009 News. 
The beauty of a sunset is a splendor to behold along the horizon of the mekong river.

More inside stories. . .  By Khamphay

Nov-11-2009 News. 
Wat Savang is located near by Khamphic's house in KM3, Savannankhet.

Please check on next page. . .  By Khamphay

Nov-10-2009 News. 
Our Aussie friends Phaythoune, Sone, Boungninh and Malayvanh attended a wedding party.

Photos by Phaythoune . . .   More details by Douangdenh.

Nov-09-2009 News.  (Funeral Pictures)
Wat Thasano is located in the north of Savannakhet...

More inside story . . . By Khamphay.

Nov-08-2009 News. 
Wedding in the giant place used to call the old morning market at Savannakhet,

Photos by Khamphay.

Nov-07-2009 News. 
Wat Xaiyamoungkhoune used to call Wat Haiyonh is one of the very old Buddhist temple located in the middle of Savannakhet old town,

See more stories on next page. . .   by Khamphay.

Nov-06-2009 News. 
Welcome to That Luang festival 2009

Please see more stories. . . by Nini.

Nov-05-2009 News. 
Nini visited Savannakhet.

More details. . . By Nini.

Nov-04-2009 News. 
Nini visited Savannakhet, most pictures were taken at the Dao Heuang Golf Course Savannakhet,

Photos by Nini.

Nov-03-2009 News. 
Our Aussie friends attended a party at Bonnyrigg Sports Club on Saturday night

Photographed by Phaythoune and shared by Douangdenh

Nov-02-2009 News. 
Welcome William Inthisone to become a member of Lyceesavanh. He was a former Lyceesavanh student during the school year 1965-1969. His best friend is Dr. Anothay Kongsayasak, found in our website. William is also the husband of a younger sister of Saykham Detvongsa (Keo Detvongsa's wife) located in Brooklyn Park, Minnesota, USA. Please say "Hi" to him for warm coming at Inthiw09@gmail.com, for more information, visit his personal page.

Nov-01-2009 News.
We would like to express that Pascale Casbi�s husband, Pascale Fleury has passed away by today Nov-1-2009, Pascale Casbi is our friend and a former lyceesavanh student. On behalf of all Lycee de Savannakhet former students and alumni, we would like to express our heartfelt sympathy to the family of Pascale during the difficult time and moment, Pascale Fleury will always be in our hearts and memories

Oct-31-2009 News.
To all of our friends... 

Please read our donation report . . . At inside story

Oct-30-2009 News. (Funeral Pictures)
ພວກເຮົາ ອະດີດນັກຮຽນ ລີເຊ ສວັນນະເຂດ ຂໍແຈ້ງຂ່າວ ຄວາມເສົ້າສລົດໃຈ ມາຍັງ ເພື່ອນມິດ ທັງຫລາຍ ທັງ ພາຍໃນ ແລະ ຕ່າງ ປະເທດ ຊາບ ວ່າ ນາງ ໄຊສະຫງຽມ ອະດີດ ນັກຮຽນ ລີເຊ ສວັນນະເຂດ ໄດ້ຈາກ ພວກເຮົາໄປ ຢ່າງບໍ່ມີ ມື້ຫວນກັບແລ້ວ ໃນເວລາ 16:50’ ຂອງມື້ ວັນພຸດ ວັນທີ 28-Oct-2009. ພວກເຮົາ ຂໍສະແດງຄວາມ ເສັຽໃຈ ນຳຄອບຄົວທີ່ໄດ້ສູນເສັຍ ເມັຍທີ່ແສນດີ, ແມ່ທີ່ແສນຮັກຂອງພວກລູກໆ. ວັນຊາປະນະກິດສົບ ແມ່ນວັນທີ 31-Oct-2009 1:00pm local time ຕິດຕໍ່ email ຊົ່ວຄາວ ຂອງສີສຸວັນ sisouvan@gmail.com

Oct-29-2009 News.
ພວກເຮົາ ອະດີດນັກຮຽນ ລີເຊ ສວັນນະເຂດ. ຂໍແຈ້ງຂ່າວ ຄວາມເສົ້າສລົດໃຈ ມາຍັງ ເພື່ອນມິດ ທັງຫລາຍ ໄດ້ຊາບ ວ່າ ນາງ ແພງພັນ ບຸນຍະວົງ, ອາຍຸ 50 ປີ ທີ່ໄດ້ເສັຽຊີວິດໄປໃນວັນທີ 21-Oct-2009. ຊຶ່ງເປັນນ້ອງສາວ ຂອງເພື່ອນ ສຸລິຈັນ ອິນທະໂສຣົດ. ກະຣຸນາ ຕິດຕໍ່ຫາ ທາງ email ຊົ່ວຄາວ ຂອງຄຳໄພ silver_do@hotmail.com

Oct-28-2009 News.
Wat Xaiyaphoum is the highest Buddhist temple "Wat" of Savannakhet and the center of Buddhist monk school.

Photos by Khamphay.

Oct-27-2009 News.
PhiThi Phookhene family of Vorasane. . .

Please inside story. . . by Khamphay.

Oct-26-2009 News.
Potluck Pha Khao Samakhy of our Aussie gang hosted by Douandenh on 24/10/09.

Photos and shared by Douangdenh.

Oct-25-2009 News. (Slideshow)
Dok Boua Thong are grown out from the mud below water of ponds, lakes, rivers or swams. The Dok Boua Thong flowers are amazing and have strong symbolic ties to Lao people. Its birth starts as a small flower down at the bottom of a pond or a lake in the mud and muck. It slowly grows up towards the waters surface continually moving towards the light. Once it comes to the surface of the water the Dok Boua flower begins to blossom and turn into one of the most beautiful aquatic flower on earth. Dok Boua Thong is considered to be one of the most beautiful flowers found in Laos... It is the symbol of love, light and lives to Lao people...Young Mak Boua are very popular snack and old Mak Boua are good for dessert. Live pictures of Dok Boua and Mak Bua in the slide show are photographed by Khamphay Douangprachanh, on vacation in Laos.

Oct-24-2009 News.
Introducing the beauty of the antique arts, sculptures and Buddhist statues of Wat Houa Muang.

Photos by Khamphay

Oct-23-2009 News.
The ceremony of Tak Bath, following with Phouk Khene of blessing and good luck to the newborn baby.

Photos by Khamphay

Oct-22-2009 News.
Our Aussie friends attended the wedding of Boungninh family�s best friend in Sydney.

Photos by Boungninh and shared by Douangdenh

Oct-21-2009 News.
Once again our Aussie friends had so much fun at the night club, the concert performed by the singers Sombath Keokhamdy from Laos.

Shared by Douangdenh

Oct-20-2009 News.
WAT SOUNANTHA is located very close to the Lycee Savanh... and everyone had to pass by this temple before get to destination.

Photos and reported by Khamphay.

Oct-19-2009 News. (Slideshow)
Dok Champa, is the the Lao national flower and it is a symbol of hope and beauty for Laotians. The "Dok Champa" song also was considered to be the ever and all-time popular in Laos and every where there are Laotians living. The Dok Champa song theme and rhythm translated the real beauty of the Dok Champa flowers that grow everywhere in Laos . It also reflects the move, the beauty, the politeness, the value and quality of Lao women in their real life... Oh Dok Champay, you are so beautiful....All the Dok Champa flowers seen in the attached slide shows are photographed live by our Lyceesavanh reporter Khamphay, still on vacation in Savannakhet, Laos. Let's enjoy it. Designed by KeoOudone

Oct-18-2009 News. 
Bounh He Kathinh at Wat Chomkeo...

More details on the next page. . . By Khamphay

Oct-17-2009 News. 
Bounh Kathinh TakBath at Wat Chomkeo...

Please see the inside story. . . By Khamphay

Oct-16-2009 News. 
Wat Chomkeo at Savannakhet...

Inside story. . . By Khamphay

Oct-15-2009 News. 
That IngHang at Savannakhet...

Please see the complete detail. . . By Khamphay

Oct-14-2009 News. 
The LyceeSavanh would like to share with you. The reunion party was taken place at Menk's house...

Photos by Khamphay. Oct-2009

Oct-13-2009 News. 
Leaving Savannakhet to Wat Photharam Sysomsinh on Oct-15-2009,

The ceremony reported and Photos by Khamphay.

Oct-12-2009 News. 
The Bounh Kathinh was held in Savannakhet on Oct-15-2009,

The ceremony reported and Photos by Khamphay.

Oct-11-2009 News. 
The LyceeSavanh would like to share with you. Bounh Kathinh was held in Savannakhet on Oct-14-2009,

Reported and Photos by Khamphay.

Oct-10-2009 News. 
ປະວັດຫຍໍ້ ຫາດຊາຍສວັນ ຂອງເມືອງສວັນນະເຂດ
Short story of Savannakhet sand beach island at Mekong river.
Shared by Kongpakanh Rasphone.

Oct-09-2009 News. 
Years passed by, the population of Savannakhet kept growing, to meet the needs of city development, the km 8 market has opened.

By Khamphay

Oct-08-2009 News. (Slideshow)
The LyceeSavanh would like to share with you the Savannakhet sand island (HatxaiSavanh) in Mekong river, Once again we invite you to explore our island and discover an ideal experience, so you can have the same feeling of the fresh floral air to energize you, the warm tranquil waters refresh you. The breathtaking natural beauty renews you. Look around the unique sand island, There�s no place on earth like Savannakhet sand island. Photos by Khamphay, Slideshow by KeoOudone and Posted by Ouneheuane

Oct-07-2009 News.
Visiting with Khamphay LyceeSavanh journal at Savannakhet main great grandparent spirit Chinese temple, place of Ancestors are like guardian spirits.

More stories . . .  By Khamphay

Oct-06-2009 News.
Morning Market buildings of Savannakhet.

Inside story by Khamphay

Oct-05-2009 News.
Inside Morning Market of Savannakhet

See detail on next page. . . By Khamphay

Oct-04-2009 News.
Boune Souang Heua 2009 at Savannakhet.

More details. . .  By Khamphay

Oct-03-2009 News.
The festival Loy Kathong was held on the night of full moon,

Complete detail on next page. . . By Khamphay

Oct-02-2009 News.
ການ ຄົບງັນ ບຸນອອກພັນ ປີ 2009 ທີວັດໄຊຍະພູມ ສະຫວັນນະເຂດ ຊຶ່ງມີຜູງຊົນມາກມາຍຫລາຍໝ້າ ມາທ່ອງທ່ຽວ ໄປຕາມ ຖະນົນແຄມນ້ຳຂອງ, ອາຫານ ບ້ານເຮົາແມ່ນເປັນຕາແຊບອີ່ຫລີ່, ອອກຂ່າວໂດຍ ຄຳໄພ.

Oct-01-2009 News.
The ceremony ບຸນອອກພັນສາ at WAT XAIYAPHOUM Savannakhet 2009. ຂໍໃຫ້ ບຸນກຸສົນ ທີ່ຜູ້ຂ້າໄດ້ທຳໃນມື້ນີ້ ຈົ່ງບັງເກີດມີແກ່ ພວກເພື່ອນອະດີດລີເຊສວັນ ດ້ວຍເທີ້ນ ສາທຸ ສາທຸ ສາທຸ ແລະ ໂຊກດີ ຕະລອດໄປເທີ້ນ ຈາກຄຳໄພ

Sep-30-2009 News.
Khamphay arrived safely to Savannakhet by LAO AIR LINES. It is national AIR LINES OF LAO PDR. The plane is new and very clean. The captain pilot and his crew are very experienced. The pictures were taken in the interior of the plane. And through of the plane you can see the view of Savannakhet and it environments... the airport is in construction and renovation... the Hatsaisavanh, in the middle of Mekong river between Savannakhet and Moukdahane, Thailand.

Sep-29-2009 News.
ພວກເຮົາ ມີຄວາມ ຍິນດີ ຕ້ອນຮັບ ທຸກໆທ່ານ ແລະ ເພື່ອນທຸກໆຄົນ ທີ່ມີຟອນສວັນ ທາງ ດ້ານ ຂຽນເລີ້ອງສື່ສານແລະກາບກອນ ປະກອບດ້ວຍສຽໆເພງ ເພື່ອການທັກທາຍ ແລະ ມວ່ນຊື່ນ, ໃນເທື່ອທຳອິດນີ້ ແມ່ນ ເພື່ອນ ແກ້ວອຸດອນ ຫາກໄດ້ສະເໜີ ເລື່ອງສານກາບກອນປະກອບດ້ວຍສຽໆເພງອັນມວ່ນໆ ມາຍັງເພື່ອນ ທຸກໆຄົນ, ຖ້າທາກມ່ວນແທ້ ກໍກະຣຸນາ ຂຽນອີແມວ ໄປຊົມເຊີຍ ເພື່ອນເຮົາແນ່.    webmaster@lyceesavanh.net

Sep-28-2009 News.
Welcome Dr. Anothay Kongsayasak (ທ່ານ ອາໂນໄທ ກອງໄຊຍະສັກ) to become a member of Lyceesavanh, the former Lycee Savanh student during the school year 1966 to 1969, working in the Center for Information and Education for Health, Ministry of Health, Vientiane, LAO PDR. Actually he is the older brother of Phaythoune Kongsaysak and
Bounthavy Sinbandith in Australia. Please say "Hi" to him for warm coming by kanothay@yahoo.com kssanothay@live.com or  anothay@ovi.com for more information, visit his personal page.

Sep-27-2009 News.
Niagara Falls, at Ontario, Canada, one of the most famous spectacles in North America.
The international border between the Canadian province of Ontario and the U.S. state of New York.
Photos and shared by Khamsing Phetsomphou

Sep-26-2009 News.
The Cabramatta Moon Festival on Sep-27-2009. The Festival is entering its eleventh year and it was organized by the Fairfield Council.

Pictures and shared by our reporter Khamphay.

Sep-23-2009 News.
Dust storm in Sydney Australia by today Sep-23-2009
Many residents are forced to seek refuge indoors, but our reporter Khamphay still want to share the pictures to all friends

Sep-22-2009 News. 
Welcome Khampane Aphayavong to become a member of  Lyceesavanh, the former Lycee Savanh student 
Please say "Hi" to him for warm coming by aphayavong.khampane@hotmail.fr  for more information, visit his personal page.

Sep-15-2009 News. 
Phaythoune visiting Savannakhet Laos on Aug-2009
He would like to share the intersting discovery of the turtle "Pa Pha".

By Phaythone

Sep-14-2009 News. 
Welcome Mr khampheuy Daraphet to become a member of Lyceesavanh, the former Lycee Savanh student during our school year 60's, He received the Columbo Plan Scholarship in 1965 to Australia and decided to live in Sydney, Australia. Please say "Hi" to him for warm coming by khamdaraphet@bigpond.com, for more information, visit his personal page.

Sep-13-2009 News.  (Funeral Pictures)
Mr. Oudone Kongsayasack's funeral (Phaythoune's father)

More details on next page.

Sep-12-2009 News..
Our Aussie friends attending the father's day on Sep-12-2009. The party commemorated the father's day, it was held at St John's Park suburb of Fairfield City.

Photos by Khamphay.

Sep-09-2009 News. 
Welcome BoonNhong Bev Korasack to become a member of Lyceesavanh, the former Lycee Savanh student during our school year located in Toronto, Canada. Please say "Hi" to her for warm coming by bdara@ccsyr.orgg , for more information, visit her personal page.

Sep-07-2009 News. 
My happy subject is a long lost 25 year best friend visiting in San Diego California on Sep-07-2009.

Inside story . . .   by Ouneheuane

Sep-05-2009 News. 
Our Aussie friends attending the party of SavanhSamphanh on Sep-2009. The party was held at Monte Carlo Reception centre, at Fairfield city. .

Photos by Khamphay.

Aug-29-2009 News.
Wishing good luck, success and prosperity to all our dear LyceeSavanh students.

Story By Khamphay from Sydney.

Aug-28-2009 News.
Welcome Nga Allias Phetsavanh to become a member of Lyceesavanh, the former Lycee Savanh student during school year 1975-77, located in Switzerland. Please say "Hi" to her for warm coming by thi.nga@hotmail.com , she is the young sister of Tong, for more information, visit her personal page.

Aug-27-2009 News.
The reunion between Somboune and Dao at Savannakhet on Jul-2009.

By Somboune Vongsonephet

Aug-24-2009 News.
KeoOudone visiting Washington DC
On July 3rd, 2009, while visiting my younger brother in a Philadelphia hospital, Pensylvania. I made a quick stop at Washington DC with one of my cousin Vongxay Phorasavong.

Please read more details on next page. . . By KeoOudone

Aug-22-2009 News.
Combodia's today
The Cambodian civilization with its ancient arts taken by Phetsamone during her trip in Cambodia on July-2009.
Corresponding by Khamphay.

Aug-21-2009 News.
Visiting San Diego, California, USA
The first time in many years, Khampane visited Oune in San Diego on Aug-19-2009
By Ouneheuane

Aug-20-2009 News.
Phoxay Sackda at Sydney Airport
Leaving Sydney to Bangkok Aug-2009
By Khamphay

Aug-19-2009 News..
Our Australia friends gathering to have some fun and happy time.

By Khamphay

Aug-18-2009 News.
Chinese Buddhist temple in Sydney, Australia.

By Khamphay

Aug-17-2009 News.
Cambodian Buddhist temple in Sydney, Australia.
Visiting by Phoxay Sackda and Khamphay on Aug-2009
Enjoy the beauty and magnificent pictures reported by Khamphay

Aug-16-2009 News.
Vietnamese Buddhist temple at Sydney, Australia
Phoxay Sackda and Khamphay visiting a Vietnamese temple on Aug-2009.
Reported by Khamphay

Aug-15-2009 News.
Welcome Sisouk Phrasavath to become a member of Lyceesavanh, a former Lycee Savanh student located in Arizona, USA. Please say "Hi" to him and his family for warm coming by lphrasa@cox.net for more information, visit his personal page.

Aug-14-2009 News.
Happy Birthday to Melissa, Aug-2009
Many of our lyceesavanh friends were joined the party at Khamphay place.
The good opportunity to celebrate her birthday with her grandpa and grandma from France..

Aug-13-2009 News.
Lao Buddhist temple located in the south west of Sydney
The biggest Buddhist temple was built in sydney, Australia.
Visiting by Phoxay Sackda and reporting by Khamphay on Jul 2009

Aug-12-2009 News.
PHOXAY SACKDA and family visiting SYDNEY in Jul-2009
Tasting many kind of foods, Lao, Aussie. Chinese and Vietnamese so on.
Reporting by Khamphay.

Aug-11-2009 News.
PHOXAY SACKDA and family visiting SYDNEY in Jul-2009
The trip on the ferry from PARRAMATTA to OPERA HOUSE
Our Lycee Savanh friends and guests to Khamphay

Aug-06-2009 News.
Back yard BBQ with King Khampha, during his concert in Minneapolis, Minnesota on July 2009, introduce by KeoOudone

Aug-05-2009 News.

"MR. OUDONE KONGSAYASACK -the father of PHAYTHOUNE and BOUNTHAVY-our Aussy friends and former lyceesavanh students, passed away on Sunday, August 2nd, 2009 in SAVANNAKHET.  His funeral will take place this weekend in Savannakhet, Laos.  On behalf  of  all Lycee de Savannakhet former students and alumni, we would like to express our heartfelt sympathy to the family of Phaythoune and Bounthavy.  May your beloved father's beautiful soul rest peacefully in Heaven! "   Contact email of Phaythoune at:   phaythouned@yahoo.com

Jul-30-2009 News.
Mr. Bouaphatthalang SYHANATH, le mari de notre amie Lithnaly, est d�c�d� � 07h, le 30 Juillet 2009 � l'H�pital Aix en Provence, suite � sa maladie. Son enterrement aura lieu le Mardi 04 Ao�t 2009 � 14h au cimeti�re St. PIERRE � MARSEILLE. FRANCE. Contact Lithnaly syhanath at:

Jul-26-2009 News. 
Welcome Thasniya Phoummirath to become a member of Lyceesavanh, a former Lycee Savanh student located in Sydney, Australia. Please say "Hi" to her and her family for warm coming by thasphoum@gmail.com for more information, visit her personal page.

Jul-25-2009 News.  
Happy 50th birthday to Ben, Jul 25th 2009.
Khamphay and our LyceeSavanh friends attending the birthday party at restaurant in Canley Vale, Sydney, Australia.
By Khamphay.

Jul-21-2009 News. 
At the 21st birthday of Khamphay's nephew, SINGHA at FAIRFIELD HIGH 18-Jul-2009, PHEU or TEUA PHAKAYSONE and his family were there,

By Khamphay

Jul-20-2009 News.  
Khamphay the LyceeSavanh reporter has to say "On sunday the 19/7/09 our Aussie friends were reunited at my place.

By Khamphay

Jul-19-2009 News. 
Ouneheuane visited Ajarn Ed Chanthavangso ( or Ajarn Theuthai Rasasak) who was the former LyceeSavanh student.
Contact him by 5877 Walker Chapel RD, Morganton, NC 28655, Tel: (702) 408-1167

Jul-18-2009 News.  (Funeral Pictures)
Khampane (from France) and Ouneheuane attending the funeral of Pra Ajarn Keedam, at Santa Ana, California, USA on Jul-18-2009.

Jul-13-2009 News.
Lyceesavanh King of Pop Kampha, from Paris, France and Virginia Pop singer Phone Phomithone arrived in Minneapolis

Please check inside story. . . By KeoOudone

Jul-07-2009 News. 
Welcome Seng Manichanh to become a member of Lyceesavanh, a former Lycee Savanh student located in California, USA. Please say "Hi" to him and family for warm coming by vanhthoui@yahoo.com for more information, visit her personal page.

Jul-05-2009 News.
Welcome Bounthavy Sinbandith to become a member of Lyceesavanh, a former Lycee Savanh student located in Sydney, Australia. Please say "Hi" to her and family for warm coming by bsv2001@hotmail.comm for more information, visit her personal page.

Jul-04-2009 News. 
4th of July 2009 night party by Aussie gang. The concert was performed specially for LyceeSavanh friends,

By Khamphay

Jul-02-2009 News.
Welcome Somphit Pathounourack to become a member of Lyceesavanh, a former Lycee Savanh student located in France. Please say "Hi" to her and family for warm coming by somphith@hotmail.fr for more information, visit her personal page.

Jul-01-2009 News.
Our Lyceesavanh Pop Star, King Khampha from Paris, France  will be back on the stage in USA again.  The King and  Virginia-based, USA,  Lao Pop star partner Phone Phoumithone will perform a concert in Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA, about 30 minutes from our home.  We already bought the tickets for it.  The concert will take place on Saturday, July 11, 2009, close to downtown Minneapolis.
After the concert, Saykham and I will invite the King, his partner and team to the backyard BBQ at our home on the following Sunday.  All of our friends who want to see the King performance are all invited.  You don't have to rent the hotel.  There are two guest room always vacant in our home.  All Lyceesavanh friends are welcome to stop by and visit us and have BBQ with the King.  The King is scheduled to perform in  the city of Winnipeg, Canada after Minneapolis.
Posted by Keo Detvongsa

Jun-29-2009 News.  (Funeral Pictures)
Voici les photos de la c�r�monie d'incin�ration et phithi thang sad sana de mon beau fr�re (le grand fr�re "Michel HALSANA" de Monique) qui a eu lieu le 16 juin 2009 pass�.
� Paris.
Khampane et Monique

Jun-20-2009 News.
The Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco, this is the most famous place of visitors from all over the world. It opened to vehicular traffic on May 28, 1937 and the construction cost was $35 million.  The Golden Gate Bridge is a 1.7 mile-long.

Jun-15-2009 News.
Welcome to Cabramatta suburb of Fairfield City located in the south west of Sydney. an Asian Town, you can find any kind of asian food, groceries ,restaurants and shops. Most of asian people prefer to live in this area. You can shop by speaking chinese, vietnamese, thai, lao or cambodian languages. Our King Khampha may remind this place where we had have a noodle soup [pho' tai] together many years ago.
Sharing by Khamphay.

Jun-01-2009 News.
Welcome Thiet LAURENT to become a member of Lyceesavanh, a former Lycee Savanh student located in France. Please say "Hi" to her and family for warm coming by thiet_laurent@yahoo.fr for more information, visit her personal page.

May-31-2009 News.
Welcome Vilayhong PHRATHEP to become a member of Lyceesavanh, a former Lycee Savanh student located in France. Please say "Hi" to him and family for warm coming by phrathep.vilayhong@neuf.fr for more information, visit his personal page.

May-28-2009 News.
Welcome Khamsing Sayaraj to become a member of Lyceesavanh, a former Lycee Savanh student located in Canada. Please say "Hi" to him and family for warm coming by bpinsurance-financial@rogers.com or anann@rogers.com for more information, visit his personal page.

May-25-2009 News.
The Lyceesavanh King of Pop, Khampha, had visited Minneapolis
He did not tell us when he came, he wanted to surprise Saykham and I !
Just let you guys know that King Khampha, our Lyceesavanh pop star from Paris, France, stopped by Minneapolis on the weekend, May 2nd. 2009. The King visited my family and was staying overnight in our home. We set up a BBQ at the back yard in the afternoon and had some Karaoke at night. He just tried to surprise me and Saykham and came in without notice. The reception went smoothly and quite quick, we had lots to talk. Our conversation never ended. The King was happy to see me and Saykham and our family and we were happy to see him too. We were having lots of fun and joke for not seeing each others for more than 30 years. What a surprise ! The Lyceesavanh King of Pop and partner Virginia Lao singer, Phone Phoumithone, will have a concert set up in Minneapolis, July18, 2009. So he will be back again for the concert! Therefore, all of our friends that want to see the King live, you can come and join us in MPLS concert on July 18, 2009 and I am sure you will have a BBQ in the back yard with us!

May-24-2009 News.
Late news by KeoOudone, Pimay Lao 2009, Nang SangKhane at Minnesota USA.

May-23-2009 News.
Welcome our new member Boungning Onemany a former Lycee Savanh student, location in Australia. Please say "Hi" to him and family for warm coming by sankalywat@hotmail.com for more information, visit his personal page.

May-22-2009 News.
Welcome our new member Khamsawa Saysouthinh a former Lycee Savanh student, location in Australia. Please say "Hi" to him and family for warm coming by khamsawa@hotmail.com for more information, visit his personal page.

May-21-2009 News.
Welcome our new member Phaythoune a former Lycee Savanh student, location in Australia. Please say "Hi" to him and family for warm coming by phaythouned@yahoo.com for more information, visit his personal page.

May-20-2009 News.
Welcome our new member Saleumxay Phetxomphou a former Lycee Savanh student, location in Switzerland. Please say "Hi" to him and family for warm coming by chaleum@hotmail.com for more information, visit his personal page.

May-10-2009 News.
Our activity in Sydney (the mother's day party). Please prepare for the dancing contest with us... Have a look on our Aussie contestants like Phaythone , Douangdenh and Lakhonekham... See their amazing talent.... Thanks to our LyceeSavanh news reporter Khamphay

May-9-2009 News.
Lycee Savannakhet is glad to announce our successful reunion of May-9-2009.

May-1-2009 News.
PhouKhoune is our 2nd stop after VangVieng. On the interjection of the 3 directions on the road no.13 you can choose where you want to go 1st to Vientiane, 2nd to XiengKhouane and 3rd to LuangPraBang. In this small town ,you can do some shopping. Photos by Khamphay in Apr-2009.

Apr-30-2009 News.
VangVieng located 170 kms north of Ventiane on the road no.13 to LuangPraBang. This town lies along the bank of the Nam Song river and receives plenty of visitors. The landscape is made up of strange shaped limestone mountains, carved by erosion. Numerous galleries and caves can be visited and many still unexplored. Photos by Khamphay in Apr-2009.

Apr-29-2009 News.
Soulideth had found a very old friend of us after 40 years Ajarn Lo at Donekhone with Kou & Kham. For anyone would like to say hi, please contact by his email "ajarnlo@gmail.com" or "webmaster@lyceesavanh.net"
Share by Soulideth in Apr-2009.

Apr-28-2009 News.
For some of our friends who dream to see and visit LUANGPRABANG CITY of THE WORLD HERITAGE.We invite all of you to have a ''promenade'' with us and let's see the beauty of LUANGPRABANG...
By Khamphay in Apr-2009.

Apr-27-2009 News.
New members to our Lyceesavanh. Welcome the family CHANAL, Phousone and Jean-Paul (professeur de physique dans notre Lyc�e Savannakhat)
Please to say "Hi" for warm coming, for more information, visit their personal page.

Apr-26-2009 News.
BAN XANG HAY-is very popular in "LHAOK LAO"-lao liquor...In the past or at present BAN XANG HAY still the one of the famous centers for the tourists.When you approch this place you can smell the nice odour of the lao liquor...The population does not produce only the liquor but they do the weaving and the silver production too...Let's have a tour with us...

Apr-25-2009 News.
Special tour around the hotels together with us, the interior design and decoration are simple but attactive. By our special guide KHAM. Thank you for the nice dinner and Lao coffee offered to us, for the warm hospitality and thanks to the staff of SALAPRABANG in LuangPraBang. By Khamphay.

Apr-24-2009 News.
By Khamphay at LuangPraBang, the Lao temples are rarely published on the media like Vat ChoumKhong, Vat XiengMouane and Vat That Noi. Thanks to Keomoukda for her company and a walk with us.
"dai tak badh le dai ko phone hai mu thouk khong chong mee soukaphab kheng hengh nai hokad pimai lao"

Apr-23-2009 News.
Pakse Market is one famous center in PAKSE where you can buy anything you want. Let's go shopping with us in Talat Pakse and you will see what we can find in this season.
Photos by Khamphay in Apr-17-2009

Apr-22-2009 News.
Welcome to MuangKong island
Photos by Khamphay in Mar-13-2009

Apr-21-2009 News.
Tad Kouang Xee in LuangPraBang is one of the famous place for swimming and having a rest surrounded by the beauty of waterfall and forest.
Photos by Khamphay in Apr-3-2009

Apr-16-2009 News.
Lao New Year 2009 Tradition in LuangPraBang
Photos by Khamphay in Apr-16-2009

Apr-14-2009 News.
NangSangKhane's parade of Lao New Year 2009 at LuangPraBang
Photos by Khamphay in Apr-14-2009

Apr-12-2009 News.
Silver Products in LuangPraBang
The silver products-our famous jewelly and home decoration.
Photos by Khamphay in Apr-12-2009

Apr-11-2009 News.
Wat Kok Pab a very old buddhist temple hidden by dense forest in the other side of the
mekong river of LuangPraBang [20 mn on the boat from the former king palace to the north].
Center of Meditation and have about 13 monks and ''chua''.The renovation was conducted by the master Sathou Vanxay and his ''students''and disciples.

Apr-7-2009 News.
The page #3 of souvenir pictures is added. Thanks to Mme Scherrer and Thiet Laurent for providing us all the efforts and the beauty of long gone souvenir pictures.

Apr-5-2009 News.
Khamphay and Phetsamone visited Vientiane city, many buildings and new stadium are under-construction.
Photos taken by Mar-30-2009

Apr-4-2009 News.
Khamphay and Phetsamone visited Nikone Handcraft store in Vientiane, this is Lao product, handcrafted weaving
Photos taken by Mar-28-2009.

Apr-1-2009 News.
Lycee Savannakhet announce the 2nd Anniversary. Happy 2nd anniversary to lyceesavanh.net on April 1st, 2009. The last two years you have brought us our long lost friends, our forgotten memories and adventures, our innocent childhood and history! Long live Lyceesavanh!

Mar-30-2009 News.
New member to our Lyceesavanh. Welcome Bountheung to be part of our friendship, we are glad to hear from you, the former student was attended Lycee Savannaket during 1968-71, he is located in Oregan, USA. The best known friend of us, anyone likes to say "Hi" and contact him, please do by this email address: bsy8352@gmail.com , for more information, visit his personal page.

Mar-28-2009 News.
On the way to Vientiane, 3rd stop by Pakading and Paksan. Paksan is recently the developing city, some buildings are under-construction, bring from latency to the fulfillment color. Many years ago there is no bridge to cross the river, thanks to the new generation every things generated by the computer technology. Photos by Khamphay and Phetsamone.

Mar-27-2009 News.
On the way to Vientiane, 2nd stop by Thakhek. Lao cement product is continued manufacturing and sugar factory is a new product in Khammouane province. Our reporters are so proud to share to all viewers the best food of all, no one can resist, how fresh are they? there is no time keep in the refrigerator, Piing Pa Sium (grilled fish), Ung Heng (dried frog), Tam Mar Houa (green been), how good are they? yum-yum!, mmm!, yummy!. Photos by Khamphay and Phetsamone.

March-26-2009 News.
ງານພົບປະສັງສັນ ແລະ ຕ້ອນຮັບ ອະດີດນັກຮຽນລີເຊ ທີ່ມາຈາກ ປະເທດຝຣັ່ງ: ທ່ານ ສີສົມເດດ ສີຫານາດ ສະຖານທີ່: ເຮືອນ ທ່ານ ຈັນທະລາ ໄຊຍະມຸງຄຸນ (ວຽງຈັນ)

Mar-25-2009 News.
On the road to Vientiane, first stop by NongKoum and Seno. Along the way to Vientiane, first stop by the lake NongKoum, the beauty of pinkish lotus flowers is still existing, an evergreen plant of lotus and following by Mouang Seno many new buildings are discovered, new market building (ຕະຫລາດຄົບວົງຈອນ) with parking lot is built next to the main street. Photos by Khamphay and Phetsamone.

Mar-19-2009 News.
Today's Pakse by Khamphay and Phetsamone. Pakse is the central city located in south of Laos where many of ours friends came from and move to study at Lycee Savanh. Today's Pakse is explored and journal by Khamphay and Phetsamone, the community is well done improved, some buildings are under-construction, plenty of restaurants ,resorts and mini-marts, the favorite cakes of bakery shop you can find out by yourself in picture-044. Here are more words from our reporters "we have stopped everywhere that we thought it can transfer some emotional conception and imagination to all of you after looking those pictures, Pakse receives more tourists than Savannakhet, has a bigger number of hotels, more population".

March-12-2009 News.

Mar-11-2009 News.
The famous band of King Khampha with special guest Inpeng. From France, the famous band of King Khampha, a world tour concert took place in USA. First stop by Des Moines, IOWA, a well known musician is our former LyceeSavanh student, made a headline in the local paper and the website, the two were so proud and friendship during the concert, the appreciation and sharing of this happy time. Photos by Inpeng.

Mar-10-2009 News.
Announcement of reservation list. Please make a decision as soon as possible. By Houangkeo � toutes et � tous " pour les amis hors de France , merci de reserver par email, et pouvoir payer sur place le 9 mai 2009." ກະຣຸນາເຂົ້າເບິ່ງ ລາຍຊື່ ຜູ້ທີ່ຈອ່ງໃວ້ແລ້ວ ແລະ ກະຣຸນາດວ່ນ ສຳລັບຜູ້ຍັງບໍ່ມີລາຍຊື່ Merci.

March-09-2009 News.
ໄປຮ່ວມງານລ້ຽງ 2 ດອງ

March-08-2009 News.
ໄປຢ້ຽມຢາມ ພໍ່ ທ່ານນາງສາຍຄຳ ຢູ່ ບ້ານນາບໍ່ ເມືອງເຊໂປນ

Mar-07-2009 News.
Somprasong's Daughter Wedding, Savannakhet. Our journal Khamphay wishes to all " I hope you may recognize some of our "old" friends... On this occasion I was very happy to meet some of my parent's friends like MUM THOUNE, AUNTY NONG, AUNTY NI and especially YA PAR -CHAO PHENGPHANH NACHAMPASACK... Hope this album may find some loved one for you too ... ຂໍໃຫ້ ທຸກຄົນ ຈົ່ງໂຊກດີ ແລະ ມີຄວາມສຸກ ຕະລອດໄປ ຂໍໃຫ້ ບ່າວສາວ ມີຄວາມສຸກ ນານເທົ່ານານ " Photos by Khamphay in Mar-2009.

Mar-06-2009 News.
Welcome to Ban Keng Kok and countryside, Savannakhet. Ban Keng Kok hometown, many of us grew up in this village, attended school and Lycee Keng Kok before continuing on to higher class in Lycee Savannakhet, years passed by, some never have a chance to see their memory, thanks to our journal Khamphay who committed the care and contributed all the efforts. by the way some additional words from Khamphay "after visiting KENGKOK, all the visitors may discover the forest of monkeys at BAN DONG MEUANG and may stop at lake SOUI to explore the beauty of the waves and it environnement ...the fresh air". Photos by Khamphay in Mar-2009.

March-05-2009 News.

March-04-2009 News.

March-03-2009 News.

March-03-2009 News.
ໄປຢ້ຽມຢາມ ທ່ານ ທອງສາຍ ຢູ່ບ້ານຫ້ວຍ

Mar-03-2009 News.
Ban Bung Vah Countryside Welcome Mar-2009. After all the friendship welcome was found in countryside, all friends enjoyed dinner, at night viewing Nong Bung Vah, the food is awesome, even singing along, a lot of talking and discussing about what, a true happy time. Photos by Khamphay in Mar-03-2009.

March-02-2009 News,
01-03-09 ເດີນທາງສູ່ສົ້ມປ່ອຍ

Mar-01-2009 News.
Savannakhet Tradition Wedding, khamphay's niece on Feb-28-2009. Khamphay would like to share the happiness with all of you. We hope you may remember the''young'' and the ''beautiful'' faces of us ...Please accept ຄວາມຄິດຮອດຄິດເຖິງ ແລະ ຮັກແພງ ຈາກສະຫວັນນະເຂດ. Congratulation to Souksavanh and Bouakham. Photos by Khamphay in Feb-28-2009.

February-28-2009 News,
28-02-09 ຈາກວຽງຈັນ - ສູ່ ສະຫວັນນະເຂດ.

Feb-27-2009 News.
Today's Beijing, China. Thanks to Pham Van Sang for sharing the beautiful pictures during his professional "tour" in China. The most spectacular pictures of today's Beijing, many visitors to find their ways to explore the Great Wall, Conficius Tomb in Qufu, Forbidden City and Tianmen Square of the most popular place. Photos by Pham Van Sang in Feb-2009.

Feb-25-2009 News.
Vacation experience by Phoulom on Feb-2009. Thanks to Phoulom who love to share the experience, on the ice skiing, the location is the most known by the olympic skiing athletes of 1968 in Grenoble.

Feb-24-2009 News.
Tran Quang Sanh passed way in Valence, France. This is a delay sad news of our friend Tran Quang Sanh who passed way in January 2009. A former student of our Lyc�e de Savannakhet living in Valence, France. He's a good friend and very kind to anyone. Thanks to Pham Van Sang who request the announcement and share the sorrow.

Feb-22-2009 News.  (Funeral Pictures)
Miss Phian Thanome had passed away on Feb 22th, 2009 at Savannakhet, Laos.She was a former LyceeSavanh student and a cousin of LAKHONEKHAM and LAMNGEUN, our best friends.

Feb-20-2009 News.
Today's Savannakhet at night time. By Khamphay, the new complex of hotel and restaurant pop up along the Mekong river, is so modern and beautiful, some parts of the hotel were already in service. we can discover by ourselves and enjoy the night time views.

Feb-17-2009 News.
BanBungVah Savannakhet, Laos the country side BanBungVah visiting, Khamphay is always happy to share her magnificient experience. Thanks to our LyceeSavanh friends SIHO and MENK for their warm and sincerely reception. Hope we enjoy our home town country side views. Photos by Khamphay in Feb-2009.

Feb-16-2009 News.
Today's Savannakhet, Laos Thanks to Chung Quang Tran for sharing the beautiful pictures from our home town. The pictures are telling today's Savannakhet views, the short explanation is just for directions. Hope our viewers should be proud of our home town. Photos by Chung Quang Tran in Feb-2009.

Feb-15-2009 News.
Valentine's day party at Savannakhet, Laos Khamphay's words: "We were invited to the valentine's party. the atmosphere was very warm and friendly... all the singers were 'amateurs' as TIEN, DOUANGDAO (DOUANGDENH's sister), INTHALONGSACK (MENK's brother-he was retired from FRANCE), LE,KHAMMOUNE, KHAMSAY and Mr. LAMPHONE KOSANOUVONG (from CANADA) with the others singers were done a very nice performance in different languages as lao ,thai, english and french songs...TO LOVE SOMEBODY-by AI TOU[INTHALONGSACK],ALINE-by TIEN, PHANGSEKONG-by DOUANGDAO ect...Of course our preferable dance was LAMVONG...So PLEASE let us [from SV.] WISH YOU ALL A HAPPY VALENTINE's DAY...

Feb-13-2009 News.
Chinese New Year 2009 at Savannakhet, Laos. The new year eve of the festival culture, the night of the party, things were going on nicely, the decoration was in red and gold as usual, a lot of fire crackers making noises, the kids were exiting waiting for the moment of performing on the stage. The audiences were amazing in front of the showtime by the tables, including one of our co-founder Khamphay who is sharing the news and the red-gold pictures to us, to enjoy from far away.

February 11, 2009 News.
Khamphay visiting Savannakhet, Laos. Savannakhet home town visiting on February 2009, Khamphay was discovered the new life style in our small town, we decide to share the views and knowleges to many of us who have not seen yet with their own eyes. We hope in the future if we have a plan to visit Savannakhet home town at least we knew something new. Savan Vegas is the most popular of many touristics location in Savannakhet, the most preferable and exiting place for thousand and thousand foreigners tourists who want to try the chance. Everyone is invited to visit the new place and is allowed to take the outside pictures.

February-13-2009 News.
ຊຸມເຂົ້າທ່ຽງ ຢູ່ເຮືອນ ທ່ານຈັນທະລາ ໄຊຍະມຸງຄຸນ 13-02-09 Photos by Sisouvan

February 5, 2009 News  (Funeral Pictures)
The funeral at Savannakhet, Laos, A former Lyceesavanh student Mr Phoukhao Xouliyadeth has passed away in Savannakhet, the funeral was taken on Thursday, February 5th, 2009. The old friends and family from France and Australia were attended. One of our LyceeSavanh website co-founder is Khamphay who brings together the time and shares all the pictures. Welcome to explore the complete pictures by click on the link or picture.

January-18-2009 News.
ພິທີສູ່ຂັວນງານດອງ ລູກສາວ ທ່ານ ດຣ. ຄຳຜາດ ສຸຣິນພູມີ 18-01-09 Photos by Kanya Vorasane

January-12-2009 News.
ຕ້ອນຮັບ ທ່ານ ນາງ ຈັນທະຈອນ ຈາກ USA, ຕົ້ມໄກ່ລາດ ດອນກອຍ 23-12-08 Photos by Kang's Camera

January-11-2009 News.
ງານວັນເກີດລູກຊາຍ ທ່ານ ດຣ. ຫວັນແກ້ວ ຣາຊະບຸດ 10-01-09 Photos by Vank�o

January-10-2009 News.
ງານຕ້ອນຮັບປີໃໝ່ 2009 ຢູ່ເຮືອນ ທ່ານ ຫວັນແກ້ວ ຣາຊະບຸດ 2-01-09 Photos by Vank�o

January-09-2009 News.
ຂໍຄະແນນຄູ່ຟ້ອນ Photos from # sources

January-08-2009 News.
ງານມະຫາກຳກິລາ: ຈຳປາສັກເກມ 12-2008

January-07-2009 News.
ທັດສະນີຍະພາບຂົວຂວ້າມແມ່ຂອງ Photos by Vank�o

January-06-2009 News.

January-05-2009 News.
ຢ້ຽມຢາມເຮືອນທ່ານສີສຸວັນ Photos from # sources

January-04-2009 News.
ຢ້ຽມຢາມເຮືອນ ທ່ານຈັນດີ ພົມມະບຸດ

January-03-2009 News.
ຢ້ຽມຢາມໝູ່ເກົ່າ Photos by Kang

2008-2009 News.
ນັບຖອຍຫລັງ 2008-2009 Photos by Kang

January-02-2009 News.
ຢ້ຽມຢາມ ທ່ານ ດຣ. ສົມພອນ ພົນອາສາ Photos by Kang

January-01-2009 News.
ຕ້ອນຮັບປີໃໝ່ 1-1-09 photos taken with Kang's camera

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